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Get rid of rust

Rust can be devastating to garage doors, as it can damage their functionality as well as their appearance. Most new doors are treated to prevent rust from forming, but it's still important to check your door for rust on a regular basis and address any problems immediately. Once you detect its presence you have to act.

Unplug everything before conducting any maintenance

Your garage door is extremely large and heavy. If it moves unexpectedly while you're standing close to it, you can get seriously hurt. Always unplug your garage door opener from the main power source before you conduct any type of maintenance checks. Remember to always make safety a priority.

Regularly inspect your garage door

You should take the time to carefully examine your door and all of its components at least once a month. This will help you detect minor issues before they get a chance to grow into major problems, and therefore you'll be able to prevent a lot of potential accidents from occurring.

Test your door's safety sensors on a regular basis

The safety sensors your garage door opener uses to detect an obstacle in the door's path must be in an excellent condition. Your safety depends on it. That's why you should take the time to test them out on occasion. Place an object between the sensors and make sure that the door reverses and does not hit the object when you order the opener to close it. Call our experts if it does.

Don't buy an opener before taking some things into consideration

There are a lot of different brands and models of garage door openers that you can choose from, and finding the perfect one for you can be difficult. The main things you need to consider before choosing a unit is how noisy it will be and if it is capable of producing enough horsepower to be able to effectively move your door. Our experts can help you find an opener that can meet all your needs.

Don't try and to repair your garage door springs by yourself

These components are extremely dangerous and can cause serious injuries when they are mishandled. Springs are under a great deal of tension on a daily basis, and aside from whipping around when they break, they can also cause your door to slam shut, or even collapse. Needless to say, you need to contact our experts immediately when something like this happens.


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