Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

When it comes to garage door spring services, we promise speed, excellence and efficiency

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Garage Door Tracks

Garage Door Tracks

Your garage door tracks are the components that are in charge of guiding the movement of the panels back and forth. When something goes wrong with them, the door can collapse. Click here to learn more.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

We replace, repair, install, and maintain garage door openers perfectly! All our technicians are dedicated, efficient, and thorough

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Reliable service provider for residential garage door repairs.

Keep your home secure and protect yourself from unnecessary injuries by following our garage door repair advices. Learn more about the dangers of DIY work, how to quiet down noisy garage doors and reinforce home security.

  • Protect yourself from injuries

    If you want to avoid injuries, follow the basic garage door rules and service the system often. Give great emphasis on the condition of the sensors, avoid climbing on ladders or coming face to face with springs, and refrain from repairing and replacing parts on your own. Also keep your fingers off joints to avoid heavy injuries and amputations.

  • Fixing springs alone is dangerous

    People still try to fix garage door springs despite the endless efforts of those who know to warn them of the dangers. This is one of the main reasons for garage door accidents. Springs are tricky, difficult to repair and replace without knowledge and don't forget that you'll need to face them standing on a stool or ladder.

  • Prevent problems

    Problems are avoided with garage door maintenance. This is the advice of our Brooklyn specialists and the logic says that this is definitely true. When the garage door is inspected properly and thoroughly, all parts are lubricated, the sensors are adjusted and worn parts are replaced and repaired, there will certainly be no problems and you'll be safe.

  • Choose the right garage door

    Garage door replacement is not an easy process. It demands good thinking before you buy a new door and thinking out of the box will really be very helpful. Don't confine yourself to think only of the basics. Getting the best color possible is incredibly important but you cannot easily miss out on issues regarding the aesthetic part. It's definitely important to get the right size and the right type and since each garage has limitations based on its space, it's best to stick to the same type and size door as before.

    It's incredibly important to choose the best possible material. Pay attention to the climate of your region. Did you notice any differentiations during the last years? How did the current door react to moisture, sun and winds? Don't forget that today materials are better and you can also get zinc coated steel and composite wood that will need less maintenance. If you need a really strong door, our experts will recommend low number gauge steel. You can get 24 or 27 gauge steel with double skins if you choose insulated doors. Go for insulation! You will save a lot in energy bills and will create the perfect environment if you spend time in the garage. Though, be careful! Check the weight of the new door! If it's heavier than the previous one, change the springs.

  • How to tune up your garage door quickly

    The more you use the garage door the most frequently it will be necessary to check it out. Repeated cycles wear the parts and although this is not a weekly task, tuning up the system once a month is definitely a must and to your benefit. This will be the best way to be sure that the door will open and close every day without problems and your safety won't be compromised.

    You must start by keeping the door closed as you stand in the garage. Check whether some small parts (bolts, nuts, hinges, brackets) are loose and tighten them up. Take an overall look to see if there is something strange and out of the ordinary with the garage door parts. Then open and close the door a few times to check whether the movement is noisy or not. Spray some drops of lubricants on the hardware twice every year unless some parts are really noisy. In this case, the noise might be the warning of another problem.

    Disconnect the electric opener and move the door to your height. Check if it remains open at that level. If not, the door might need to be balanced and the garage door springs might need repair or adjustment. Check that the tracks are not dented and most importantly test the sensors by putting a small object under the door as it closes down. You must also clean the sensors well.

  • Make sure the overhead door works safely

    All garage doors will operate safely if they are maintained right since unattended problems might make them dangerous. Among all door types, overhead doors are perhaps the most life threatening if they are not repaired properly and at the right time. The difference with other doors is that they move onwards/downwards and are based on the good condition of the overhead door springs in order to remain open in one place. Of course, the good condition of the tracks, cables and rollers will all play a vital role to the good movement of the door but it will be the springs that will keep them open.

    Our professionals insist that overhead doors are safe when all parts are checked and maintained properly but basically when special attention is given to the condition of the sensors. At the worst scenario when the door would collapse for any reason, the sensors won't allow the door to fall on anyone. So, choosing good electric garage door openers is important but making sure the sensors do reverse the door should it will be needed is the most important thing of all. Overall inspections and overhead garage door maintenance have the meaning of bringing up such problems in order to be solved. But checking the sensors even weekly should be the priority of every homeowner!

  • Quiet a noisy garage door spring with lubrication

    If the spring is making squeaky noises, it should be lubricated. Our specialists in garage door repair Brooklyn say that cleaning with a solvent has to be provided first, if the spring seems rusty. Apply a small amount of lubricant and spread it evenly.

  • When to choose wood garage doors

    Despite the fact that wood garage doors would look good in any house in Brooklyn and they are highly elaborated to withstand difficult weather conditions, wood garage doors will need a lot of garage door repair services. They will be perfect in mild locations because they won't run the risk of warping and they will be perfect natural insulators. Varnishes need to be applied for higher resistance.

  • Buy the right opener

    There is plethora of electric garage door openers on the market but you must get one, which is appropriate for the characteristics of your own door. You must give great attention to get the right horsepower because it will make a difference to the power and speed of the garage door motors and if you want silent operation, get belt drive openers. Add as many safety features as possible.

  • Be aware of the loose cables

    You must change them immediately because they slow down the system and according to Garage Door Repair Brooklyn, they may snap and hurt you.

  • Enhance your home security

    Did you know that you could increase home security just by doing garage door maintenance often and by connecting your central alarm system with the garage doors? According to our specialists, these are the best methods to ensure your property is well protected. 

  • Choosing garage door motors

    There are various types of garage door motors and you might need the assistance of our crew in order to get the right ones for your mechanism that will be able to handle the weight of the door and will meet your expectations.

  • What do I do when the garage door mechanism is too noisy?

    Perhaps, it's time to get your screwdrivers and wear your gloves in order to devote a few minutes to garage door repair. You must tighten up the screws, check the condition of the chain drive garage door opener and, most importantly, lubricate all mechanical parts. This is an extremely important procedure because it ensures the smooth sliding of the rollers on the tracks that will eliminate the noise levels.

  • What do I do when the motors are too loud?

    If your garage door motors have a chain drive, they would be loud by nature. Though, if they are louder than usual, you should proceed with lubrication maintenance. The chain needs regular oiling, but if it's still noisy, you should check your manual about its life cycle because perhaps it's time to replace it.

  • Is it dangerous to repair the garage door springs?

    Nowadays, it's a common secret that springs can be blamed for numerous accidents and a few fatal ones as well. Yes, they can be very dangerous due to the pressure with which they are installed that allows them to be flexible and lift the door. When you are taking care of the extension springs or doing torsion spring garage door repair, you need to follow specific instructions and be extra careful.

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