Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

When it comes to garage door spring services, we promise speed, excellence and efficiency

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Garage Door Tracks

Garage Door Tracks

Your garage door tracks are the components that are in charge of guiding the movement of the panels back and forth. When something goes wrong with them, the door can collapse. Click here to learn more.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

We replace, repair, install, and maintain garage door openers perfectly! All our technicians are dedicated, efficient, and thorough

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Dependable technicians available for overhead door springs repair

Short and simple answers for garage door repair and maintenance for inexperienced or advanced handymen. We make your life easy! We help you deal with remote problems and choose new openers and doors for extreme climates. Learn how to keep children safe.

  • Can I convert my manual door into an automated one?

    This can definitely be done. There are tutorials out there on how to do it yourself and you can of course buy all the components. However, we strongly urge you against doing this. Automated garage doors are complex electro-mechanical devices which consist of many parts. They need to be installed by a trained professional for it to work safely and properly, and for you to receive a guarantee or warranty on the product.

  • How do I effectively choose a garage door?

    Our technicians suggest that you take multiple things into account. Factors such as the location of your home, the availability of garage door parts and how much energy you want to save should be kept in mind. Certain garage doors can also take a beating in certain weather conditions.

  • What parts must I replace along with the door?

    The replacement of the springs, tracks and opener is usually a must. If you change the tracks, chances are that the rollers will need replacement, too. Such parts are important to be selected in accordance with the door's weight and that's why they must be always checked when the door is replaced.

  • When must I replace the garage door?

    Garage doors are not replaced often. They may last for many decades and the only reason why you should change them in between is huge damage beyond repair. Some problems are fixed but sometimes the cost of garage door repair is not much lower than if the door would be replaced. So, if you have multiple dents on the door and you are considering repairing them, check out the costs and new garage door prices to see whether it would be to your best interest to go ahead with a new door instead.

    Though, you must never forget that the cost of garage door replacement doesn't stop with the actual, initial purchase price of the panel. You might need to add new accessories or make changes, especially if the new panel is heavier. If you have sectional doors though, you are lucky since the damaged parts can be replaced without having to change the entire door and that will save you money.

    From one point onwards, garage door panel replacement is unavoidable. After all, new materials are stronger, can be insulated and have greater designs. The replacement of the door will help you deal with energy issues, save money, enjoy better indoor temperatures and have a much stronger door. Older doors won't be reliable and will need too much work to provide average protection. When doors age, they do need replacement!

  • Do I need a special-made garage door for extreme climates?

    Extreme temperatures will need good and resistant materials. It's always best to invest in zinc coated steel, composite wood or even glass doors if your region is sunny most of the year. Your goal should be to protect the material from getting warped, rotten or rusty due to the elements. Though, the most difficult thing is keeping the garage door intact during very strong winds and hurricanes according to our experts. Due to the need to protect properties in hurricane prone areas, manufacturers are producing now strong doors that comply with the latest hurricane codes.

    The whole idea is to protect the whole house and definitely save the door from getting totally damaged. Garage doors are usually buckled (creating a V) in the middle or they might come off tracks. About 80% of home damage during hurricane seasons is due to lightweight and unprotected garage doors. Due to their big size and the fact that they're usually found at the corner of the houses where the winds are more forceful, they can be easily blown away and there will go the entire or part of the house, too.

    It's best to reinforce its resistance with struts and you should definitely focus on securing better the tracks since they can come off the ceiling or wall and the door would fall. Also get stronger rollers with longer stems, big size heavy duty brackets and hinges since you'll want parts perfectly secured.

  • How do I ensure my children are safe?

    Safety is one of the most important issues regarding garage doors. When kids are involved, we get more preoccupied but there are always solutions that can prevent tragedies or even small injuries. It's good to remember that children must not play in the garage and especially close to the door. Though, it is understandable that you cannot restrict their entrance altogether and so it's good to take some precaution measures and makes some family rules.

    Kids will be much safer if they play around a garage door, which has been maintained properly and recently. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should take your chances with an overhead door and so you shouldn't allow them to stand underneath the open panel. As a matter of fact, going back and forward under the door and most definitely racing under the closing door should be forbidden. One way to keep them from doing that is to teach them the dangers. You must also install the switch for the opener high on the wall and most definitely keep the garage door clicker out of their reach.

    In any case, you should make sure that the sensors work fine. If the sensors are okay, they will reverse the movement of the door if your child is speeding under it while it is closing down and there will be no accident.

  • Can I replace section of the door?

    This is the greatest advantage of sectional doors and why most consumers avoid getting single panels. If you have a single up-and-over door, for example, you'll have to replace the whole panel. You don't have alternatives! In this case, the cost for garage door replacement will be higher rather if you would have just to replace one section of the door. The latter is possible with sectional doors and that's why most modern doors are constructed by several panels hinged together. If you hit part of the door with the car, for example, and the damage is huge, you'll just have to replace the specific part.

    Most manufacturers keep producing the same kinds of doors for years or keep replacement parts for at least a decade. So, it won't be difficult to find a replacement for the damaged section as long as the door is not very old. Though, you must keep in mind that your own door is already exposed to elements for a number of years and so there'll be a sort of differentiation between the new and older sections of the door in terms of condition and especially of the color. Yet, you can repaint the older parts.

    If the door is old and you cannot find a replacement, our professionals recommend installing a different section that will match the rest of the door. You can marry two different materials or two different colors and make your door playful.

  • Why is cleaning the garage door crucial?

    First of all, clean garage doors will beautify your house. The most important thing is that you will have the opportunity to check the condition of the door and proceed with restoring dents and prevent rust from expanding. Clean garage door parts will also work better and cleaning is usually combined with garage door repair. At the end of the day, you will be sure of the excellent condition of the system.

  • What must I watch out before I buy a new opener?

    There are numerous and fabulous openers in different sizes, horsepower and by different brands. The specialists at our company consult people to get powerful openers and you must take into account the weight of the panel. You must decide whether you want the noisy chain drive garage door opener or a silent one and it would be wise to add as many safety features as possible. 

  • What are the most common remote problems?

    Remote controls can lose communication with the opener after the power is cut off. In this case, you would need to reprogram them but they may just need good cleaning. Excessive dust in the inner circuit may disrupt their contact with the garage door opener. Other than that, they won't trouble you unless they break in which case you would need to replace the clicker with a new garage remote opener. 

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